Problem with Modern Gaming

Players are limited by their TV screens and VR headsets. You’re looking for a more experiential-based environment through which you can interact with your friends. Skirmos takes you there. We’ve taken the out-dated technology of laser tag and modernized it to include features and experiences that players are accustomed to having in popular first-person shooter video games.

The Skirmos Experience
Imagine experiencing your favorite shooter video game in real life. Skirmos is an open source laser tag system that can be used for any and every game possible...territories, capture the flag, free-for-all, team games etc. It has the flexibility to be played indoors or out; in small or large battles. Its unique open source nature allows anyone to make their own games through our Skirmos desktop application. Whether it’s free-for-all or zombies, a realistic simulation, or a replica from your favorite video game, Skirmos can be played in any manner you can think of.

Colored RGB LED’s, lining the top of each gun, represent the player's team association. You can have free for all games where every player has their own custom color, or use the colors to represent other designations in a game you’ve created from scratch. A patented algorithm allows players to connect up to 32 units at once, wirelessly. All game information is communicated via a 2.2”, color LCD display on each gun. This allows users to view important game information in real time.

Data like ammo levels, health level, squad information, killstreaks, weapon unlocks, game timing, and much more are all displayed on the LCD in real time.

This is as close to playing video games in real life as it gets.

Progress To Date

Skirmos was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April of 2014, raising $98k. Since then, the Mark 1 has been fully prototyped and alpha tested. We are excited to deliver to our Kickstarter backers and release the Skirmos Mark 1 for retail sale in the coming months.

Skirmos will also be available in select arenas across the continental United States.