Introducing the Skirmos Mark 1


It's a summer night and you're playing an intense game of deathmatch in a misty forest. Your teammates are rushing the enemy’s base, while you flank around the field. You glance at your gun’s LCD screen; full health and ammo, and your team is down ten kills. You’re on a five kill streak and receive an overshield as a reward; your gun instantly glows red to indicate it. Two enemies poke out of the trees on the right, you raise your gun to aim, and out-shoot them both. Simultaneously, your team eliminates the remaining players. You win! Skirmos is the ideal game you've always wanted to play.

What is Skirmos?

Imagine your favorite first-person shooter video game in real life. Welcome to Skirmos: Skirmish Open Source. Skirmos is an open source laser tag system that can be used for any and every game possible. It has the flexibility to be played indoors or out; in small or large battles. Its unique open source nature allows anyone to make their own creative gametypes. Whether it’s free-for-all or zombies, a realistic simulation, or a replica from your favorite video game, Skirmos can be played in any manner you can think of.


The hardware will make Skirmos better than airsoft and lasertag combined. It maintains the realism, range and ruggedness to play outdoors like airsoft, while having the accuracy, feedback, and dynamic cheat-proof gametypes of lasertag. This means the final design of the systems will include accurate iron sights, a sling mount, and a rail system for attachments. When playing outdoors, the range is dependant on lighting conditions: in direct sunlight, ranges are reduced. However, during night time, ranges are virtually unlimited.



The most appealing part of the gun is the built-in colored LCD screen. The screen acts like your HUD, displaying important information such as:

Objective Information
Game Timer

Always remember that Skirmos is open source - anything can be displayed on the screen.


To start, Skirmos is based off the Arduino programming language.

Your Skirmos system will come with preset gametypes, similar to free-for-all and team deathmatch. These games will be basic and designed to get you playing immediately out of the box.

Now you’re wondering, what kind of other gametypes are there? The possibilities are  endless. Because of the open source aspect, you can create your own gametypes. This might be tweaking with the respawn time on territories, to creating your own objectives and modes. So imagine playing custom gametypes that other users have made; like Search and Destroy. Rest assured, you won't need to be a programming master to design your own games. We will provide an auto-builder, a drag-and-drop program to quickly and easily create new gametypes. This means that it will involve minimum to no programming whatsoever. We will do everything we can to make sure you can still be creative with it. Of course, there is the option of programming your own gametypes.

In addition to the current website, we will have a fully functional and dynamic website that will allow you to share gametypes. For instance, we will have a list called “Most Popular”, or “Highest Rated”, where you can see how others are using Skirmos. Besides the sharing aspect, there will be an interactive forum where you can post ideas, suggestions, ask questions, or tell people how you just kicked the enemy’s ass.

Hardware + Software = Skirmos

A prominent feature of Skirmos is that the software controls the hardware. The open source is what makes Skirmos, Skirmos. You can alter fire modes (Semi-automatic, 3 round burst, automatic, etc), as well as the rate of fire. You can change anything displayed on the LCD screen. Every unit in the game communicates with each other through a proprietary radio network. Skirmos reads input from the trigger, reload button, the IR and RF sensors. Each player will be assigned a special ID, so you can control friendly fire, or even assign the ID different traits like more ammo or less health.


Once you see the countdown hit zero, it's go time! Everything is tracked for you; kills, deaths, objective captures, accuracy, etc. This paragraph belongs to you because the gameplay is based on how you use Skirmos.

Skirmos will be completely interactive. It will display everything in real time; including kills and deaths. For instance, if you are on a 3 killstreak, you can be prompted by a list of perks. An example of a perk is camouflage - your LEDs turn off, making you harder to see; pretty simple right?


Here’s an example of what you can do while customizing Skirmos:

Weapon loadouts: Custom weapon kits that could be chosen at the start or during gameplay. These kits could be completely customized are similar to creating classes in Call of Duty or Battlefield.
Killstreaks: Custom Killstreaks can be added. Want chopper gunner from Cod games?, or damage boosting abilities from halo? Customize which level of kills will unlock these streaks.